Meet our hosting packages

In this section, learn more about our promotional packages for groups, couples, families and businesses.

Day Love

This package is a special gift that the CAPITAL PLAZA HOTEL offers to happy couples who want to enjoy beautiful memories where they will be received with the best attention, enjoy it runs on their own to provide them with comfort for our

United Family

This package is designed to unite the family even more and in CAPITAL PLAZA HOTEL we want to offer you this package because we know that sometimes it is difficult to have enough time and money, that is why this package has a special price and we are also located in a place Strategic city of Sucre where you can take advantage of time with your family.

Friends Will Be Friends

Thinking about friendship this package is thought of in groups whether they be friends, promotion, colleagues at an event or any other group of people who want to have an incredible place and feel the colonial experience and transport to the time of kings.
You can not lose it!

Life With Us

This package is designed for those people who, for work, business or tourism, intend to stay for a while in our beautiful city CAPITAL PLAZA HOTEL offers a package according to their needs so that they only worry about their business, their work or know more about Bolivia


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